Monday, July 23, 2007

In Rotation: The Best of the West Coast Sessions

What? The Best of the West Coast Sessions by Stan Getz. It’s a single-disc compendium of this set.

Why this? Why today? Laid back, but with that undeniable swing. Stan Getz had chops, a fact his bossa-nova fueled visit to the top of the hit parade often obscures. These sides are easy, breezy, beautiful and light but, like I said, they’ve also got that unassailable verve (pun unintended), making you feel sophisticated while you savour the summer sizzle; your every move imbued with savoir faire even while the temperature demands a laissez faire approach to living. Life in short sleeves, brother.

Let me also vouch for the fact that these songs – especially though not exclusively “Four,” “Of Thee I Sing” and “Blues for Mary Jane” – provide the perfect sonic backdrop for a late July garden party, especially if that garden party is in honour of your daughter’s first birthday, and the green, expansive lawn is studded with frolicking children, the air peppered with their giddy cries, blankets and toys and wading pools strewn everywhere. The grandparents tucked aside in the shade, observing it all. The girl of the hour in a sundress and wide-brimmed hat, walking (tentatively) about, making time for everyone, all smiles. Dad trigger-happy on the digital camera. Cupcakes and punch for all.

Yup, perfect.

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