Friday, November 9, 2007

It's Begining to Look a Lot Like...

While sitting in the studio the other night, playing the new Groundtruther album, Infinite Ceiling host Marc said to me, “This sounds list-worthy.” And it hit me: it’s nearly list season. Which got me thinking, obviously…

The pop/rock list hasn’t yet begun to materialize for me yet, for whatever reason. Too many contenders? (Or maybe it’s just because there hasn’t yet been a Pernice release yet this year.) But the creative/improvised list is beginning to germinate in the fertile soil of my brain.

So, as it stands now, here’s a partial list:

01. (Charlie Hunter and Bobby Previtte as) Groundtruther featuring John Medeski, Altitude [Thirsty Ear]

02. Dave Douglas Quintet, Live at the Jazz Standard [Greanleaf]

03. Fred Anderson and Hamid Drake, From the River to the Ocean [Thrill Jockey]

04. Exploding Star Orchestra, We Are All From Somewhere Else [Thrill Jockey]

05. David Murray's Black Saint Quartet, Sacred Ground [Justin Time]

I started this post planning to go into great detail about this list, and the mind is willing, but the body is weak tonight, so I'll make a pledge here to devote future posts to each of these records. Right now I'm going to bed.

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