Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Now It's On

The CD is done. Those who usually receive a copy will again receive a copy, by mail or hand delivered, as circumstances warrant.

Beginning tomorrow, this space will once again serve as the lazy man's liner notes (less cutting and glueing that way) when I begin to spew the self-congratulatory purple prose that dozens of you have come to know, if not love. I'll start with my spiel on "2007: The Year That Was" (or something like that), and then move into the Best Albums list. Because I read somewhere that suspense is a great technique for capturing readers, I'll draw it out. "The Twelve Days of Listmas" will feature two albums a day, until the last entry which, for reasons of arithmetic, will feature three, and altogether they'll constitute list of 25. Then Best Songs (pocket critiques on the tracks on the above-pictured CD), then maybe the Honourable Mention thing, then any leftover random thoughts I might squeeze out.

This would have been done sooner, but you know, holidays etc. etc. Also, I've been hooked on a handful of Toronto Blue Jays blogs of late, so that eats up a lot of computer time. If anybody has thoughts on the still-possible Rios for Lincecum deal, I'm all ears.

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