Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tonight on Now's the Time: Michael White

A very special version of Now's the Time tonight - the show I host along with four other members of the Improvised Music Collective over on CKCU FM - dedicated to the work of jazz violinist Michael White.

In addition to music spanning his career - his own records, as well as sessions led by John Handy, Jerry Hahn and Joe Henderson - I'll be playing audio from an interview I did with White just last week.

So, if you're not busy, do what I do when I'm not hosting the show: put some basketball/baseball/hockey on the TV, mute it, pull a book off the shelf, and plug yourself into the radio/computer. Then let me do the rest. (And if televised sports aren't your thing, feel free to omit the TV-on-mute part. The energy gods will thank you.)

For more info on White's current endeavours, please visit his Myspace page, or his website.

NTT can be heard from 8:30-11:00 PM EST every Thursday night on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa and environs, and at everywhere else.

***UPDATE, Jan. 25--> Apologies to anyone outside CKCU's broadcast range who tried to listen via the station's website last night, only to be stymied by the broken link there. I learned shortly before going on the air that the RealAudio stream is not currently functioning. I will be re-airing the profile on White in its entirety again in the future, once the website audio situation is fixed. I'll post the date here once I have it. Again, profuse and sincere apologies.

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