Thursday, January 22, 2009

The IMC Presents the Chris Cawthray Trio

Our initial foray into "show facilitation" in Peterborough finds drummer Chris Cawthray and his trio appearing at The Spill on March 28th (note that it's an afternoon show). More info as available, but please, if you're within earshot (or walking/bussing/driving/training distance) come on by. No tickets, but we'll pass the hat until it's full, dump it out, and pass it again.

Who's Responsible?

The Spill

Chris Cawthray

The Improvised Music Collective
/ CKCU FM (Ottawa)

1 comment:

Chris Cawthray said...

FYI to everyone coming to the show:

Here's the lineup:

myself: drums, vocals
simeon abbott: keys
glen hall: saxophones

We're really looking forward to playing for you and hope it's the first of many trips out to Peterborough.

Hope to see you at the show,
Chris Cawthray