Sunday, July 4, 2010

Not Dead Yet

Cue the standard refrain: Sorry for the absence, but I've been busy, and so forth, etc. (But I think newborn twins counts as a legitimate excuse for not posting to a music blog read by no one). But as much to appease my own conscience as to convince you(?), I have to prove that I do indeed still have a pulse and that my good vs. crap music meter is still operational, so here's a brief rundown of what's been heard in my (suddenly crowded) house of late, in no particular order, because that's how my mind works:

Josh Berman, Old Idea
Wardell Gray, Live at the Haig, 1952
Pernice Brothers, Goodbye Killer (naturally)
Male Bonding, Nothing Hurts
George Lewis, Homage to Charles Parker
Phosphorescent, Here's to Taking It Easy
Josh Ritter, So Runs the World Away

I'm still alive! Back with more new content in the days ahead.


Nirmala said...

Welcome back!

Ground Rules said...

Hey, man, glad you're back! I've been posting quite intermittently lately, myself. Just accepted a gig with CKCU-FM as their sponsorship/funding drive director. I figured if I've been going in to the station for the past 20 years I should, at least, get paid!

AGF said...

Thanks, guys, and well done, GR. A Well deserved appointment.