Friday, December 10, 2010

Sober girls around me they be ackin like they druuuunk

Making my list, checking it twice. All is flux at the moment. The only certainty? There will be no Far East Movement on This is Our Music's best of 2010 list. Or Ke$ha.


Nirmala said...

I'd never heard of Far East Movement until we received a few promo copies to include in door prize packaging at our recent company holiday party. I still haven't actually heard them, but I guess I should be glad (?).

Not so lucky on the Ke$ha Valley Girl schtick front, though.

AGF said...

Such an earworm, that damn Far East Movement song. Argh! We don't play CDs in our corporate music stores anymore, we have it all piped in from the head offices in Toronto, so its a pre-set playlist that goes in a loop. It usually changes every week or two, but recently its been switched up much more often, maybe even daily. BUT THAT DAMN SONG IS ALWAYS ON IT.

And Ke$ha, sweet heavens -- she seems so much more malicious and awful than just a Valley Girl schtick. And have you heard that "We R Who We R" was apparently written as a response to "all those gay teenagers killing themselves"? Like hell! Talk about attempting to graft meaning onto a meaningless song, thereby making it criticism-proof. I call bullshit!

Nirmala said...

Cindy just told me that The Far East Movement is the group that does the "like a G5" song. Ah. Connection made.