Thursday, January 11, 2007

An Open Letter to PF

You ask the impossible, of course, but here’s my best effort (as of this moment):

1) Wonder Boys
2) Bull Durham
3) The Third Man
4) Out of Sight
5) The Long Goodbye

Oh, uh, probably should've made room for The Royal Tenenbaums, too. Oh, well.


pf said...

haha! solid choices all around, and what i really like is that i see elements of your personality sprinkled throughout these choices (even beyond bull durham!).

we actually own 3 of these movies, having bought the long goodbye on DVD from loblaws(!?!?) for less than ten dollars. that was a mos def unexpected grocery store acquisition.

Miss Imperial said...

Speaking of Mos Def (and PF, I am eternally grateful for that unintended segue, among many other things intended and unintended)...

As predicted on your part, /a, PF and I didn't really enjoy the film version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. We only made it through an hour of the movie before ejecting the DVD (sent to us by the fine folks at despite our fondness for Mos Def, Zooey Deschanel and the majestic Voice of Alan Rickman...not to mention the fabulous Sam Rockwell, doing an inspired impression of George W Bush (he was playing the President of the Galaxy, after all).

In fact, Sam Rockwell was basically the only reason we gave the movie a chance at all. His performance could only have been better if his second (hidden) head spoke with a Northeastern, preferably Yale-ish accent. It's funny to think that George Bush might have ended up a playboy with a flowing mane. He was halfway there!