Sunday, January 7, 2007

Selection Committee: The Improvised Music Collective name the best of 2006

Maybe you know it, and maybe you don’t: once a month or so I take to the airwaves on CKCU FM (“the mighty 93.1”) as a member of the IMC and host of Now’s the Time. I’m lucky enough, as a member of this sinister cabal, to work with four other guys whose knowledge of and passion for improvised music exposes just how much, for all my bluster, I really don’t know about this stuff. These guys are amazing. Anyway, we recently did our annual survey show whereupon we each present our picks for the best records of the year. The rules are fluid – if you first heard it in ’06, it counts as new. As a result, we wound up with a dizzying variety of recordings, and very few double picks. Read them all right here (you might have to scroll down a bit).

The end result of this annual show is predictable, isn’t it? I scurry
around trying to borrow/buy/find all the albums I missed. There’s never enough time.

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