Monday, March 31, 2008

In Rotation: Parc Avenue

What? Parc Avenue, the Montreal-referencing long playing debut by that city's Plants & Animals.

Why this? Why today?
Because I couldn't find anything more appropriate for Opening Day, short of Terry Cashman. And I just couldn't do that (again).

I might be the last to hop this bandwagon, but the earthy, barefoot feel of this prog-folk-indie-Americana beast has me thinking of dirt between my toes. Spring - wouldn't that be nice?

There's also a pleasing Northern Lights-Southern Cross vibe simmering from beneath the surface (minus the, er, desperation?) that meets with my approval. Why is it Canadians do this stuff so much better?

In other news: The first issue of Eartrip magazine is available for DL. It features a Coltrane CD review I first posted here.

Also, another episode of Now's the Time is now up for you listening pleasure:

Now's the Time: Mark O's Year of the Guitar, Part 3: Kenny Burrell

And lastly, I'll be interviewing Adrian Cho, director of the Impressions in Jazz Orchestra, this Thursday on NTT. I'll then spend the last hour of the show spinning cuts from the Coltrane-as-sideman boxset Interplay. If you even sorta like hard bop, tune in. Essential listening.

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