Friday, March 21, 2008

Now's the Time: Live 2007

Last week's edition of Now's the Time featured longtime IMC friend and occasional host Ollie alongside Ron and Jim as the three traded views on the best live shows of 2007. By way of explanation, every year during CKCU's funding drive, the IMC makes it a policy to allow any donor willing to part with $100 for the very worthy cause of community radio to program and host their very own edition of Now's the Time. Sounds dangerous, right? In truth, Ollie steps up every year, and his shows are always worth listening to.

As a side note, this year we had two such donors. In addition to Ollie, my very own father chipped in a C-note, and will be joining me in the studio on a date to be determined. I'll post details as they develop.

Anyway, for my money, the best live experience of 2007 was the Vandermark 5 at Zaphod Beeblebrox in Ottawa. Keep in mind the extremely small sample size (did I go to any other shows in '07?) - new fatherhood is like that. As for '08, obviously the EHE heads that unfinished list.

Anyway, if you missed last week's show, or need to hear it again, here it is. Clicky click for your downloading pleasure:

Now's the Time, March 13, 2008 - Best Live Shows of 2008

Tonight's show continues Mark's Year of the Guitar with a look at the venerable Kenny Burrell. Here's hoping he plays something off On View at the Five Spot Cafe. Download details on that show as they become available.

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